Vietnam Asia’s industrial corporations to provide products and services of high quality, ensure increased benefits for shareholders and the community, providing a rich life of the spirit, full of material for staff and employees, contributing to the development of the country.

Build Vietnam Asia into an economic group leading industry in terms of reliability, quality and efficiency; provide products and services of high quality trusted by the whole world.


Vietnam Asia will bring to you the best quality product, safest, most durable, economical, on par with the products of leading companies by the material or equipment selected from prestigious companies in the world, assembled under the advanced technology line, modern and made by the Vietnamese people Asia experienced and trained. Vietnam Asia’s products will come to you with its design suitable for the local environment – the highest satisfaction to customer tastes.


The group trades:

Group 1: Electrical equipment – Electronics
Group 2 Construction – EPC contractor for power, industrial construction and civil engineering
Group 3: Plastic Products – Plastics
Group 4: Engineering – Heavy Industry
Group 5: Processing of minerals, agricultural and forest products, and products for agriculture
Main office: Vietnam Asia Building, Duy Tan, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Ha Noi
Phone: 84-43-7919999 Fax: 84-43-7931555
Email: Website

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