According to the current trend of the economic market being difficult day by day, customers also become more and more careful in choosing the products of construction machines and equipments. Our company intend to establish and carrying out the system of showroom and outlets for construction machines and equipment of VINACOMA brand.  Besides, VINACOMA intend to expand the nation-wide system with main products as below: Mini construction machine and equipment, Generator, Bar cutter, hand tool, Water pump, forklift, lifting equipment, Spare parts, etc.


The services in the retail:

  1. Receiving retail order directly from the customers.
  2. Receiving deposits and cooperate with other partners in the same field.
  3. Representing and distributing construction machines of some brands.
  4. Leasing service.
  5. Cooperation and joint venture.

Contact info:

Systems showroom and Outlets

Warehouse & Factory:  Nhu Quynh Overpass – Van Lam – Hung Yen

Showroom I: 438-440 Pham Van Dong – Tu Liem – Hanoi

Showroom II: 470 Nguyen Van Cu – Gia Lam – Hanoi

Phone: 04 222 10945

Hotline: 0904 486 283 – 093 614 3468

Website: /






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