Song Da Corporation, the Corporation Vietnam Machinery Installation Corporation Construction and Infrastructure Development Corporation Investment Joint development – Construction, Corporation shares and the Corporation Red River Co Engineering Construction was originally established merely small-scale units of capital, manpower and equipment for the construction and installation works to serve the socialist construction and national defense. Through over 50 years under construction and development along with the development of the country, the Corporation has assumed as General Contractor and involved the construction and installation works most, important projects of the country , as the industry works: Hydropower Son La, Hoa Binh, Yaly, Se San 3, Tuyen Quang …; The thermal power plants: Pha Lai, Phu My 1, Phu My 4 and Ca Mau 1 and 2, the Vung Ang 1, …; The cement factory: Huangshi, Chinfon, Son, …; The transport infrastructure projects such as road tunnels through the Hai Van Pass, Deo Ngang, Highway 1, Highway 18, Ho Chi Minh Road, …


In addition, the Corporation has also invested, trading multiple industrial product such as energy (with a total capacity of over 2,500 MW), cement (with a total capacity of 5 million tons / year), construction steel (with a total capacity of 430 thousand tons / year), steel billets (capacity of 400 thousand tons / year), shipbuilding (6,500 dwt), manufacturing equipment (10,000 tonnes / year), …; Transport infrastructure such as Deo Ngang Tunnel, Highway 2 (Ha Noi – Phuc Yen), 1A – Ha Tinh City bypass …; The product of urban housing, industrial parks in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau and many other localities; In particular, many projects, the project has completed construction and is promoting efficient, an important contribution to the cause of economic development – economic development of the country. Through the project, the project above, the Corporation has not stopped growing financial potential of forces and equipment to the construction technology, modern advanced management, coupled with the management team of the rich experience and technical workforce highly skilled; Expanding business activities in multiple industries, most sectors of the economy; Business places not only in the country but has grown to the countries in the region and the world.
In recognition of the great achievements gained by the Corporation, the Party and State has awarded the title of Labour Hero for the renovation period, 15 organizations and 23 individuals; 03 Ho Chi Minh Medal for 2 groups; 37 first-class independent Medal, second or third for the collective and individual, and many other noble titles.
During the integration period, when the country is implementing the policy of economic opening, especially since Vietnam economic integration in Asean region (AFTA) and become an official member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) as well as many other international organizations are participating in the market for construction and industrial production in Vietnam not only the domestic construction enterprise which has and will have many foreign contractors to work business, many large groups of States with developing economies such as the US, Japan, China, South Korea, …


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