Job description:
– Implementation of the accounting of the accounting operations of the Company in accordance with regulations and applicable accounting standards

– Track and depreciation
– Tracking of debt by audience
– Preparation of tax reports
– Preparation of annual financial statements
– Data consolidation and reporting of internal management accounting
– Participating in the tax settlement, accountability and provide data records and data to tax authorities
Vacancy Number: 1
1. Basic Salary + Lunch allowance, petrol + Rewards;
2. Signing long-term labor contract, the social welfare, unemployment, adequate health insurance as prescribed by the State …;
3. Working time: 5.5 days / week (stay 7 pm, Sunday) and holidays and vacation days as prescribed;
4. Hours: 8 / day. Morning from 8:30 to 12:00. From 13:30 to 17:30 pm;
5. To consider adjusting salaries 02 times / year based on actual working capacity and results of dedication to the company;
6. Work environment friendly.
Experience: 2 years
Degree: Bachelor
Other requirements:
– University degree in Finance – Accounting
– Mastering the accounting profession and the relevant legal provisions in the field of finance, accountancy
– At least 1 year of general accounting
– Skills to analyze, synthesize
– Ability to work highly focused, proficient use of specialized software
– Carefully, patiently, one virtue of the accountant

Profiles include:

1. Job application
2. The curriculum vitae certified by the Local Government or Agency.
3. A description of the process of work and education
4. Certified copies of relevant qualifications.
5. Health certificate.
6. A photo ID card, household registration, birth certificate copy
7. Request attach portrait.
Just accept any profile attached image ..

Note: The application documents (CV encourage candidates sent by email). Title email stating the position title: eg “CV – general accounting staff – Nguyen Thi A”
Company profiles acceptable photo, candidates participating candidate must specify the exact location and you want to apply to employers easily classify records.


Contact person: HR

Contact address: No. 20, Lane 189 Hoang Hoa Tham Hanoi

Contact Email:

Contact phone: 222 10 946 04


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