Wishing to develop in the field of Marketing & Communications associated with the best technology solutions  for  the service of promoting the images and the best products to the customers. VINACOMA., JSC connects and increases investment value through the most effective communication  activities. Besides, VINACOMA., JSC has a lot of projects,  investment plans, products and services for  supplying to  domestic and foreign customers.

Our products and services:


  1. Making and developing the projects for communication channels, internet, information technology.

Currently we are focusing on developing and investing in 02 professional projects on information technology with a spirit of internationality.

Trading Floor for Vietnam construction machines: www.mayxaydung.vn.

Trading Floor for international construction machine: www.machinfo.com.

Besides, VINACOMA., JSC intends to apply technologies and  solutions in order to expand and create more and more value to customers. VINACOMA., JSC  gradually enhances connectivity and purchases with customers in over the world.

  1. Providing Internet marketing service solutions and digital media, online advertising, Web Services, …
  2. Organizing and carrying out some media events to connect, promote investment, encourage investment, PR and Brand Promotion …

4. Investing in potential construction and technology projects

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