VINACOMA., JSC is being established since 2006, spent nine years of development, far VCM Group has become a leading unit north of distribution of construction machinery, has teamed up with several partners large, providing the machinery for much larger projects.

VINACOMA., JSC has confirmed its leading position in the field of plant construction in Vietnam and are reaching out to the world market.


  • Vision:
    With a thirst for pioneering the sustainable development strategy VINACOMA., JSC strive to become a leading distributor of Vietnam on the machinery, equipment and construction.
  • Mission:
    For Customers: Provides customers with the optimum choice of quality, price and service to satisfy the legitimate needs of customers

For partners: in the spirit of cooperation for sustainable development and long term.

For employees: Facilitate high income, professional working environment, dynamic and very creative with equitable development opportunities for each employee.

For society: All activities of the company is always associated with the interests of the community, always share with the community spirit shown socially responsible.

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VINACOMA., JSC efforts towards the goal of sustainable development and become a leading brand in the provision of industrial products of international stature. Based on our own internal resources and expanding cooperation with partners at home and abroad we are committed.

Commitment to Partners:

Become a strategic partner and abroad on the basis of “cooperation, sustainable development,” the long-term comprehensive cooperation in order to promptly bring new products and services in accordance with the specific requirements of customers.

Commitment to customers:

– Always make customer satisfaction on products and services VINACOMA., JSC supply. The success of customer satisfaction is a measure of the prestige of the business effectively.

– Commodity prices are always reasonable and correct date, time to maximum customer service.

– Always listen, analyze and learn from domestic and foreign markets. Never complacent with success had.

– Always look at yourself to grow (ethical and professional knowledge). Each employee is an individual brand. Each employee is an ambassador of goodwill VINACOMA., JSC for the outside world.



1.Live and work plans
2.Develop a passion and enthusiasm for the job
3.Believe in yourself and everything can be done
4.Rule of law, morality and lifestyle: take partner, customer-centered.
5.Focus do important things, committed to use all resources on the things I could have done better.
6.Always optimistic about success and are willing to show off their capabilities.
7.Perseverance, stick, done.
8.Construction team – successful team
9.Just start acting now.

Constantly reach out, VINACOMA., JSC will extend the sales system to the provinces in the country and the world with the criteria developed, efficient and sustainable. The strong increase in both funds, models and network operations, as well as the quality of human resources is not only present but also prospered as an important mark in the business of VINACOMA., JSC.

Proactive and to take advantage of every opportunity, VINACOMA., JSC constantly researching, developing additional products and services effectively meet increasing needs of customers as sales through channel sales online. Along with the diversification of products and services, VINACOMA., JSC has completed the process of management, operating processes, risk management, continuously research, learn from the business models Success in the world to adopt a creative and scientific in their business, ensuring efficiency as well as sustainable development, both now and the way forward.

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