Vacancies Head of HR

Position Head / Deputy

Number of years of experience 2 years

Career Office administration

Degree Colleges

Form work Full-Time Permanent

Require sex Not required

Location work Ha Noi

Age requirements Not required

WageThe deal

Vacancy Number First

Job description

– Recruitment and training of staff;
– Research, drafting and submission of the regulations applying in the company, building the organizational structure of the company, the department and implementation. Proposed organizational structure, the executive apparatus of the Company. Building a system of rules, procedures and regulations for the Company and supervise the observance of rules and regulations.
– Research and propose to the Board of Directors to handle the problem in the field Organization – Administration – Human Resources.
– To advise the Directorate on recruitment, training and development of human resources.
– Develop salary schemes, reward the regime for workers welfare.
– To organize and carry out administrative tasks and functions required by the Board.
– Support to other entities in the management of human resources and act as a bridge between the Board of Directors and employees of the Company.


– Salary + Bonus
– Doing business hours, stay pm T7, CN
– The working environment young, friendly, professional.
– Participating in training sessions and technical business.
– Other benefits under the provisions of labor law: Social, Health, festivals, domestic and foreign tourism. Seniority pay increases 6 months / time.
– Mechanism evaluation of staff capacity accurately, facilitating advancement in many different positions within the company (Team Leader, Leader – Deputy KD
– Work from the 2nd to the 7th morning, 7th stay pm, Sunday. Time work started from 8h00-12h00; 13h30-17h30

Other requirements

– Graduated from universities, colleges and specialized economic priorities, governance (HR), law, administrative and older.
– At least 02 years experience as Head / Deputy Head of HR.
– Ability to inspire and train employees;
– Leadership, planning, organizing, monitoring, analysis, synthesis and reporting.
– Fast responsive, flexible, enthusiastic, able to withstand the high pressure of work.

Profiles include

– Application form
– The curriculum vitae certified by the Local Government.
– A description of the process of work and education
– Certified copies of relevant qualifications.
– Health Certification.
– Copy of ID card, household registration, birth certificate copy.
Resume the syntax: TEN_UNG_VIEN sent to the email address:

Deadline 07/31/2015

Form of submission By Email

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