At VINACOMA., JSC, we understand that the success of our business is not just thanks to the company’s products, but also thanks to the contribution of the people in the company – that is, assets The most important for us.

Aims to be “a great place to work”, VINACOMA., JSC always create development opportunities for staff in professional orientation as well as the balance between work and life. Besides creating a professional work environment a chance to unleash employee creativity, VINACOMA., JSC also provides remuneration and attractive benefits and excellent working conditions. We are always trying to develop the capacity of the management team – who strive and constantly improve the business environment as well as working. We have set up the system to ensure the professional development on an ongoing basis to employees, besides the program recognizes and rewards results of personnel work is also part of the management culture company.


VINACOMA., JSC foster professional ethics, in which business activity is conducted in accordance with the cultural values, morality and social traditions of Vietnam. In addition to salary and bonus, this competitive advantage is one of the important factors responsible for attracting talent to the company.

VINACOMA., JSC always tries to create corporate culture to build good working environment. In other words, the company is constantly improving standards efforts of every employee working in the company.


We are committed to achieving sustainable growth in the business through the staff assigned to the right, acting in the spirit of the responsibility and building trust.

We must always strive
Speaking honestly and impartial
Balance between short-term achievements and long-term strategy
Win with diversity and non-discrimination
Mutual respect and work together successfully.


Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct shows how we perform business activities properly. Code of Conduct is the core things that companies behave. Every employee in the company always adhere to and apply the code of conduct in all aspects of work.

Respect at Work
Market integrity
Ethics in business
Responsibility to shareholders.


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