VOV.VN- 314m high dam named Shuangjiankou on the Yangtze is expected to be completed in 2020.

AFP quoted the information on the website of China’s Ministry of Environment said date 14/7, beating higher Shuangjiankou highest dam in the world at the Jinping-1 (also China) about 10 meters. Cost dam Shuangjiankou up to $ 5.8 billion.


The Three Gorges Dam, the world’s biggest dam in China

The construction of large dams is intended to serve as targets by 2030, 20% of China’s electricity will be produced from non-fossil material (through hydroelectric plants).

China said that achieving the above objectives will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that this water is discharged into the environment, which are at the highest level in the world.

Not only owns the world’s highest dam, China also is home to the world’s biggest dam Tam Hiep Dam and about 85,000 other hydropower plants.

The construction of such large dams has led millions of Chinese people to leave their homeland.

In addition, environmental experts say, these dams could drastically reduce the amount of fish and other organisms living in the dam area.

“The cost of construction of hydroelectric dams in China often dragged dropped or ignored and it usually does not take into account the environmental costs and social projects in their dam”, NGO US government says International Rivers.

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